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Results of the Year Have Been Summarized

#1 (73), February 2012 Results of the Year Have Been Summarized

At the accounting board in Astana, the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the RK has summarized the results of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector development. The industry’s priorities are projects in the field of petrochemistry and providing gas to the country’s capital.


The oil industry                      

The volume of oil production in Kazakhstan reached 80.06 million tons in 2011. Although it exceeds by 0.5% the 2010 figures, the planned targets have not been fulfilled. “Unfortunately, for known reasons, a number of enterprises have reduced their production, in particular, Ozenmunaigas, by over 19 % compared with the plans,” stated the Minister of Oil and Gas of the RКSauat Mynbayev. “

KMG: Results and Plans

#1 (67), February 2011 KMG: Results and Plans

JSC National Company KazMunayGas (KMG) has summarised preliminary results of its activity in 2010. The main accomplishment is that in the last year EIG has exceeded all main operational and financial indices continuing to be one of the backbone elements in the country’s economy.