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Kazakhstani Content Development in Tengizchevroil LLP

#2 (92), April 2015 special issueKazakhstani Content Development in Tengizchevroil LLP

Tengizchevroil (TCO) continues to increase its investment in Kazakhstani Content (KC) goods and services year after year. Since 2002, when TCO spent $415 million on Kazakhstani goods and services, the company has significantly increased its KC investments. In 2014 TCO spent a record $2.4 billion on goods and services from domestic suppliers. 

Post-Drilling Well Development with Use of Flaksokor 110 Acid Solution

#2 (92), April 2015 special issuePost-Drilling Well Development    with Use of Flaksokor 110 Acid Solution

Oil and gas well productivity largely depends on the condition of bottomhole formation zone. One of the important factors influencing its condition is physical and chemical effect of drilling mud in the primary formation drilling.
As a result of penetration of drilling fluids in net oil and gas zones, the deterioration of permeability and porosity of the pay zone and the formation of a zone with reduced   compared to the native permeability occur. 

Maritime Operations: How to Save Cost in Crisis Time?

#2 (92), April 2015 special issueMaritime Operations: How to  Save Cost in Crisis Time?

Nabil Ben Soussia, the Regional Director of IEC Telecom in Kazakhstan,answered the questions of Petroleum.
The maritime operations in Caspian Sea are going slower than planned especially with new reality of low oil prices? How do you plan to develop your maritime business?
This is a new reality in Caspian Sea but not for us as we used to work in other places around the word very sensitive to cost and I would say that those regions are better equipped today than the Kazakhstan fleet. 

Composition of Experience and Innovation

#2 (92), April 2015 special issueComposition of Experience and Innovation

Triol Corporation is a composition of experience and innovation; young and talented specialists and experienced managers; development, manufacture, reliable supply and service support in different parts of the world. 
Triol Corporation started its scientific, technical, industrial and commercial activities in 1993.

Secure Transmission. Security of Particularly Valuable Information

#2 (92), April 2015 special issueSecure Transmission. Security of Particularly Valuable Information

Now, when it seems possible to track down any information flow, the issue of data transmission security is extremely important. Especially if you need to deliver information fast, ideally - in real-time. A secure corporate network is necessary for such a task.
The information, timely delivered via reliable channels, guarantees the constant monitoring of work that, in turn, allows you to quickly make decisions. In addition, with the continued transfer of data in real time, you can, if necessary, consult an expert on customer’s side and he will not need to travel to a site to review the available materials. 

Removing Barriers

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueRemoving Barriers

From 2000 onwards, since the discovery of the giant Kashagan field in the Caspian offshore, Kazakhstan did not put into operation any other large field. A amoratorium on holding new bids for the subsoil use rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was acting since 2007, was one of the factors that prevented the investment flow in the oil&gas industry. Now the government needs the foreign investment and, therefore, is preoccupied with removing the barriers for the investors

Beginning of the Domestic Petrochemistry

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueBeginning of the Domestic Petrochemistry

The Company Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. provided to Petroleum actual information on the "Construction of the First Integrated Gas Chemical Complex in Atyrau Region" Project.

Embamunaigas in Search of Prospects

#2 (86), April 2014 special issue

The Atyrau Oil Company Embamunaigas faced a serious problem of reducing its resource base. The Company will loose a part of its recognized assets due to the natural depletion of reserves. As for replenishment by new assets, exploration of new potential areas goes out of planned schedule and often leads to the results that are not expected.


Technologies for Life. 20 Years

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueTechnologies for Life. 20 Years

ECOS LLP Company has been present on Kazakhstan market scene since 1994. The company’s headquarters are located in Almaty. Provision of enterprises of our country with high-quality equipment for industrial and personal safety, instrumentation and automation for various industries has become the main focus of the company.

Quality Product Wins Chevron National Recognition in Kazakhstan

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueQuality Product Wins Chevron National Recognition in Kazakhstan

In December 2013, Chevron’s Atyrau Valve Plant (AVP) won prominent recognition for production of the “Best Product for Industrial Use” at the highly competitive national contest “Best Goods of Kazakhstan-2013.

Tengizchevroil LLP: 2013 Year in Revie

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueTengizchevroil LLP: 2013 Year in Revie

Tengizchevroil continues to have industry-leading safety results in standard industrial safety measurements such as Days Away from Work. In 2013, more than 19,000 people worked for a total of over 50 million hours for Tengizchevroil with seven injuries which required a day away from work. While this statistic is truly world-class performance, TCO strives for zero workplace injuries and is continuously working to improve in this area.

New Technologies for Oil and Gas Production Stimulation from Zirax Company

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueNew Technologies for Oil and Gas Production Stimulation from Zirax Company

Zirax Company is one of the leading CIS producers and suppliers of well-killing fluids and acid solutions. A wide range of solutions for killing of wells based on pure synthetic salts of different density, as well as acid solutions based on synthetic hydrochloric acid for wells flowrate stimulation allows to solve effectively all the issues in this sphere

ASTEL: Being Online Onshore and Offshore

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueASTEL: Being Online Onshore and Offshore

SeaTel USAT24 System is an offshore transceiving stabilized Ku-range antenna with the diameter of 60 cm. The system is compatible with the modems of leading international manufacturers: GILAT (Sky Edge 1 и 2), iDirect, Eastar, HUGHES (HNS), VIASAT.

Technology Service: Outsourced Services

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueTechnology Service: Outsourced Services

Nowadays about 90% of successful foreign companies practice such an innovative business approaches as outsourcing. Unfortunately, there is no such accurate data for Kazakhstan, but it is obvious that they are much lower. However, this figure grows every year. Indeed, the international experience shows: the future belongs to the outsourcing.

Twenty Years on a Quill Tip

#2 (86), April 2014 special issueTwenty Years on a Quill Tip

The Abdi company has no rivals when it comes to the stationery products industry. Its share takes up a fifth of the Kazakhstani market, assessed at 50 billion tenge. There are corporate sales departments in each of the company’s 19 Kazakhstan branches. Firstly, this allows the company to always be next to the client, and secondly, makes it possible to keep the same prices for stationary supplies in any city. When a large corporation has the same contract with each of its branches, subdivisions and subsidiaries, it can reduce its office budget by up to 30%. 

Twenty Years of Joint Work

#2 (80), April 2013 special issueTwenty Years of Joint Work

Tengizchevroil JV marks the 20th anniversary of its activity. On April 6, 1993, in Almaty the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the chairman of the board of Chevron Corporation Kenneth Derr signed a 40-year agreement on forming Tengizchevroil LLP. The joint venture was established between Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc. and Tengizneftegas Production Association. Since then, for two decades already ТCO is one of the leaders in the country’s oil and gas industry.