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Shell at Expo-2017: Looking at Tomorrow’s Energy Today

#2 (104), April 2017 special issueShell at Expo-2017: Looking at Tomorrow’s Energy Today

From June through September this year, Astana will become an open public stage for the demonstration of the world technological achievements and a platform for the discussion of the energy agenda for the Planet’s future.
From 10 June through 10 September Astana will host EXPO-2017, an international exhibition on the theme of “Future Energy”. The event will offer the latest methodologies and technologies for energy production, as well as looking to the future and the importance of sustainable development as a prerequisite for success. “EXPO-2017” will highlight the importance of using energy resources in a responsible and rational way.

KMGI Record Indicators In 2016

#2 (104), April 2017 special issueKMGI Record Indicators In 2016 Last year 2016 became one of the most successful based on activities of the KMG International Group of companies, foreign asset of NC KazMunayGas JSC. Unaudited financial EBITDA indicators of KMG International increased 1.5 times and reached 239 mln USD by the end of last year, net profit amounted to 88 mln (net profit from operating activities, in accordance with management reporting, excluding one-time effects on reserves and deferred tax income).

Abnormal Well Stock RPC Paker Technology

#2 (104), April 2017 special issueAbnormal Well Stock RPC Paker Technology Abnormal well stock of most oil companies is a large part of the total number of the operational wells. Experts of RPC PAKER have developed a number of technologies, successfully applied both in Russia and abroad, which allowed to operate and repair the abnormal wells.

Technosynthese ® a Unique Solution from Motul

#2 (104), April 2017 special issueTechnosynthese ® a Unique Solution from Motul

Technosynthese® is a registered trademark of Motul, representing a unique combination of core components that brings the characteristics of Technosynthese® oils to the fully synthetic ones.

New System - New Opportunities

#2 (104), April 2017 special issueNew System - New Opportunities

Saule Dzhundubayeva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Interteach Kazakh Health Care and Medical Insurance Corporation JSC, DBA (Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland) answers the questions of Petroleum magazine

- Ms. Dzhundubayeva, what major trends in the spheres of healthcare and medicine do you currently consider at the present stage in Kazakhstan?