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Anniversary Tengiz oil

#3 (129), June 2021 Anniversary Tengiz oil

Thirty years ago, on April 6, 1991, the first well was launched at the unique Tengiz field, which is rightly called the "diamond" in Kazakhstan's oil and gas crown. 

110 years of the Dossor field

#3 (129), June 2021 110 years of the Dossor field

On April 29, it was 110 years since a powerful gush of oil was produced from well No. 3 at the Dossor field, from a depth of 225-226 meters of Middle Jurassic sediments.

70 Years And The Whole Life

#3 (93), June 2015 special issue70 Years And The Whole Life

 Urazbaev Kairat Kulymovichgeneral director  – chairman of the board of directors of Atyrau Oil Refinery (ANPZ), answers the following questions for Petroleum.
-This year Atyrau Oil Refinery marks its 70th anniversary. How does the firstborn of Kazakhstan oil refining industry develop to date, being one of the backbones of the domestic economy? In what mood do the plant workers mark the anniversary?

New Horizons of Atyrau Oil Refinery

#3 (93), June 2015 special issueNew Horizons of Atyrau Oil Refinery

September 2015, the first-born of Kazakhstan oil processing – Atyrau refinery – will celebrate its 70thanniversary. Today, the refinery is not just a manufacturing plant, but interwoven fates of thousands of people, history of Atyrau city and Kazakhstan on the whole, chronicle of rises and hardships, new victories and industrial prospects in XXI century.

Hardened By Pipeline Steel

#3 (93), June 2015 special issueHardened By Pipeline Steel

This year the pipeline transport of Kazakhstan celebrates 80 years. This is a significant and important event for the whole country, because the development of the oil transportation system is an essential component of the overall progress of the domestic oil and gas industry.