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The key topic of today's issue

#3 (135), June 2022 special issueThe key topic of today's issue

 The key topic of today's issue is the oil refining industry (existing) and petrochemistry (which we have been trying hard to create over the past decade).

What are we doing wrong? Why has Kazakhstan not become an exporter of petroleum products after an expensive program of modernization of domestic refineries? Will there be enough raw materials for gas chemistry in the country, and will we be able to compete with our neighbors Russia, China, and Uzbekistan in sales of manufactured products?


#1 (133), February 2022 February

The issue of the journal you are holding in your hands is unusual. At first glance, its key theme, green energy and sustainable development, is far from the problems of oil and gas production


#6 (132), December 2021 December

You are holding a special issue of the journal dedicated to the anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan.


#5 (131), October 2021 October

The XIV Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum has become more than just a forum – after one and a half pandemic years, it, held in October in Nur-Sultan, marked the beginning of a return to normality.


#1 (127), February 2021 February

In early February, the Financial Times cautiously predicted the start of a new cycle in commodity markets. The publication's forecasts are based on conversations with investment bankers who advise their clients to increase their investments in raw materials, the demand for which, in their opinion, should grow due to the rapid recovery of the global economy after the pandemic.