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Development Potential of Petrochemistry in Kazakhstan

#5 (143), November 2023 Development Potential of Petrochemistry in Kazakhstan

Currently, Kazakhstan's oil and gas chemistry is in its formative stages. The republic has already established and operates a number of manufacturing facilities, including plants producing polypropylene, lubricants, gasoline additives, among others. On November 8, 2022, the head of state inaugurated one of the largest factories of its kind in the CIS countries – a polypropylene production plant located in the Atyrau region with an annual capacity of 500,000 tons. This state-of-the-art facility currently has the capability to produce up to 65 grades of polypropylene.

Refining: Expectations vs. Reality

#5 (143), November 2023 Refining: Expectations vs. Reality

In Russia, it's often said that the two main challenges are fools and roads. In Kazakhstan's oil industry, however, the two most debated topics are oil refining and petrochemicals. Fuel shortages have now become a pressing concern, and the petrochemical industry has been in development since as far back as 2005.  

Why it is Problematic for Investors to Take the Long View

#4 (142), September 2023 Why it is Problematic for Investors to Take the Long View

Modern Kazakhstan is not merely a country abundant with natural resources and having the fastest growing economy. It is also the country where importance is being increasingly attached to investment climate. Amid global competition for capital, we see that Kazakhstan is striving to create a favourable environment for investors, whether they are multinationals or local businesses. The government investment policy pays off - we have witnessed a record flow of international direct investments to Kazakhstan, totalled US$ 28 billion in 2022, according to the RK Ministry of Economy.

Across the Caspian Sea. Can Kazakhstan Diversify its Export Flows?

#4 (142), September 2023 Across the Caspian Sea. Can Kazakhstan Diversify its Export Flows?

In late March 2023, a tanker named Akademik Khoshbakht Yusifzade, belonging to the Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping Company, docked in Baku from Aktau. It carried 6.9 thous. tons of oil from the Kashagan field. The shipper was one of the shareholders of the North Caspian Consortium – the Japanese company INPEX North Caspian Sea.

KazMunayGas IPO: is it (Already) Not the Time?

#5 (137), November 2022 KazMunayGas IPO: is it (Already) Not the Time?

By December 10, the National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna intends to hold an IPO of the national company KazMunayGas. The order book will open in early November, which is when the price of the stock will be known. To date, the book value is 14,325 tenge, but the organizers promise a discount. It will not be people's IPO, as it happened, for example, with KazTransOil ten years ago, but the shares will primarily be sold to citizens of Kazakhstan and institutional investors, and what will remain for foreign investors.

Gasoline rivers do not flow abroad

#3 (129), June 2021
Starting May 9, a joint order of the Minister of Energy, agreed with other departments, has entered into force in Kazakhstan, providing a ban for six months on the export of gasoline, diesel fuel, and certain types of petroleum products from the country by road.

Digital Oil

#3 (129), June 2021 Digital Oil

The first online auction to grant the right to explore and produce hydrocarbons was held on December 23, 2020.